Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance FAQ

What is the purpose of the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance?

The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance supports the emergence of early childhood leaders who can speak on the behalf of low-resourced early educators, inform policy to improve access to higher education and lead others who can learn and grow with support from T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood®.

Why was the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance formed?

To date, more than 120,000 early educators have received scholarships through T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood®.  Many of those served have stated that T.E.A.C.H. has made a positive impact on their lives, and they wanted a way to “pay it forward”.  The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® National Center conducted a series of focus groups and surveyed more than 5,000 current and former T.E.A.C.H. recipients about the feasibility of beginning an Alliance.  The results were overwhelmingly favorable!

Participants felt that the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance could:

  • Connect them with other current or former T.E.A.C.H. recipients
  • Help them to grow as leaders in the early childhood field
  • Enable them to advocate for TE.A.C.H. Early Childhood®
  • Give a voice to those working directly in the field

How does the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance differ from other associations?

The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Alliance is a membership association that brings together the thousands of women and men that have received T.E.A.C.H. services to date or that are supporters of T.E.A.C.H Early Childhood®.  The Alliance focuses on giving voice to the views and aspirations to those in the workforce. The Alliance provides opportunities for professional and personal growth and a venue for current and former T.E.A.C.H. recipients to “give back” to other teachers, children and members of their communities through opportunities to mentor others, speak out about T.E.A.C.H. and become advocates for issues affecting early childhood policy.

What are the membership criteria?

The following criteria must be met in order to obtain membership in the association:

  • Currently or formerly pursuing a degree or coursework through T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® scholarships
  • Payment of annual membership fees

Supporter memberships are available to individuals who support T.E.A.C.H. recipients and projects across the country.

How much are membership fees?

  • T.E.A.C.H. recipients with active contracts  $10
  • T.E.A.C.H. alumni (recipients without active contracts)  $20
  • T.E.A.C.H. Supporters (never been a T.E.A.C.H. recipient)  $30

What types of benefits are offered through membership in the association?

The general benefits for joining include newsletters, information found on social media, a website, materials, etc.  Benefits also support early childhood teachers, directors and family child care providers in their next steps. There are 4 special areas of benefits—(1) professional development, (2) advocacy, (3) personal development, and (4) leadership.

What are some examples of benefits under each category?

Professional development

  • Information and updates on student loans and loan forgiveness
  • Webinars on various topics in practices, policies or careers in early childhood education
  • Career Guide


  • Information on the I Make A Difference campaign
  • Opportunities to inform others about T.E.A.C.H.
  • Information and alerts about early childhood legislation and policies
  • Webinars on advocacy topics

Personal Development

  • Information on financial literacy
  • Information on asset development
  • Information on health and wellness
  • Webinars on various topics


  • Opportunities to mentor others
  • Opportunities for Alliance leadership at the state and national levels
  • Opportunities to speak about T.E.A.C.H. and the power of an educated workforce

Will there be a marketplace for T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® items?

Yes!  Various items and materials will be available at the online marketplace, including some valuable discounts! There will also be a special site just for Alliance members.  Some of the items on the marketplace will include:

  • Discounts on early childhood supplies and equipment
  • Discounts on entertainment, restaurants and more
  • T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® and Alliance items like aprons, hats, pins, mugs, etc.